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kitchen102  INSPIRATION FROM MY KITCHEN I love cooking and teaching people to cook things they haven't tried before. On this website I share tips and recipes from my kitchen to help you with more everyday cooking in yours. My Cooking Classes are held in Calgary, Alberta.
kitchen102  COOKING CLASSES Living gluten free is a lifestyle that requires some knowledge in the kitchen. No matter what your age or experience level come for the fun and improve your culinary skills…there is always more to discover. Sign up for a class now.
kitchen102  GOURMET DINNER CLUB Travel the world one dinner party at a time by starting a Dinner Club that meets your dietary needs and interests. My Gourmet Dinner Club creates amazing culinary adventures and I share some of those stories in my recipe descriptions. 

Cooking Classes

Come and take a cooking class to expand your knowledge of gluten free cooking and get inspired to try something new in the kitchen. Classes are geared toward your individual needs and can include the whole family. We can meet in my home kitchen or yours. No matter what you choose you will enjoy delicious gluten free food and take home the recipes featured in the class. Learn more

Private GF Classes

Knowledge and skills for the gluten free lifestyle!


Join our community and see what’s cookin’ in my kitchen each week. Download the free ebook if you need some ideas for more everyday cooking at home.