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Homemade Turkey Tacos

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Homemade gluten free turkey tacos are not too out of the ordinary but they are delicious. What do you put on your tacos? Don’t limit yourself to ground beef and a hard, store bought taco shell. Use your imagination and vary your fillings and toppings. Now we’re talking tacos!

Homemade Corn Tortillas for Turkey Tacos

I wrote another post about making fresh corn tortillas using masa harina. I use Maseca brand masa harina to make soft corn tortillas and my husband just loves the heavenly aroma. If you get super organized and challenge yourself you can learn to make these in ten minutes.

Getting Organized for Homemade Corn Tortillas

At some point I noticed all the little barriers to making homemade tortillas. Getting all the parts out of different cupboards, reading the recipe in tiny print on the bag and steps that are so small you would not even call them steps. Well, one day I got myself super organized to make these. You can read all about how I did that in my post on corn tortillas.

Fillings for Turkey Tacos

Ground turkey is an easy substitute for the usual ground beef. You don’t even need to tell your kids about that. Fish tacos are good too. If it feels like your kids are always asking for tacos…like three times a week…slowly introducing more variety in the filling and the topping will make more enjoyable meals for you.

The spice mixture for tacos is likely made with spices you have in your pantry. The store bought packages often contain mystery ingredients and possibly wheat. Homemade is easy but like everything it takes a little bit of time.

To make homemade tacos a really easy dinner I make the spice mixture and keep it in a jar in the kitchen. Make enough so you can use it a few times before you have to make it again. When my bottle is empty I leave it on the counter and do that little job at a different time.

For kids learning about allergy awareness and foods that contain gluten a little bottle of taco spice mix would be a nice homemade gift to give a friend. No additives, no preservatives, no gluten. A small step toward allergy awareness.

Toppings for Turkey Tacos

Everyone loves chipotle mayo and on top of tacos is the ideal place for it. Try this recipe for homemade chipotle mayo and you’ll never use store bought again. It is easy to make and will last in the fridge for weeks…but put it in a squeeze bottle and you’ll be surprised how fast it disappears.

In the comments below l’d love to hear how you serve tacos at your house.


homemade gluten free corn tortillas
2 tsp vegetable oil
1 lb ground turkey
1/2 onion, chopped
2 Tbsp chili powder
1 tsp dried oregano
2 tsp paprika
1 tsp salt
½ tsp garlic powder
½ tsp chipotle powder
½ cup canned tomato sauce
chopped lettuce
grated cheese
diced tomato
diced avocado
diced red onion or green onion
chipotle mayonnaise
sour cream


Heat oil in pan.
Add meat and onion stirring to break up meat. Cook until browned.
Add 1 Tbsp taco spice mix and tomato sauce (if using). Cook for a few more minutes adding tomato sauce if desired.
Serve hot as a filling for assemble-your-own tacos.
Prepare toppings of your choice, set them out and let everyone build their own taco or a taco salad.


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