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A pedestal tray displaying Black Forest Cupcakes

Black Forest Cupcakes

Posted on November 15, 2019

Black Forest Cupcakes or a true Black Forest Gateau, brings together the taste of chocolate, cherries and whipping cream. This German specialty, known as Schwarzwälder Kirscht...

A dish of Pumpkin Creme Brulee with the first bite on the spoon

Pumpkin Creme Brulee

Posted on October 18, 2019

Pumpkin Creme Brulee is a seasonal take on the classic French dessert, Crème Brûlée. It’s familiar to many people with celiac disease as one of the most common gluten free des...

A platter of stuffed Baked Apples with Caramel Sauce drizzled on top.

Baked Apples With Caramel Sauce

Posted on October 4, 2019

Baked Apples are an easy dessert that doesn’t really require a recipe. Anyone can make them and as they bake the house fills with the...

Nanaimo Ice Cream Bars being served on small white plates

Nanaimo Ice Cream Bars

Posted on August 16, 2019

Nanaimo Ice Cream Bars are the perfect version of Nanaimo Bars for summer. Serve them at any gathering and they are sure to be a hit. If you’ve got kids be sure ...

A wooden board covered in Cherry Hand Pies surrounded by an red and white checked tea towel.

Cherry Hand Pies

Posted on June 21, 2019

I’ve been making Cherry Hand Pies lately and eating way too many of them. I got into this when someone on

Grilled Fruit Skewers with Honey Cinnamon Glaze

Grilled Fruit Skewers with Honey Cinnamon Glaze

Posted on June 7, 2019

These Grilled Fruit Skewers with Honey Cinnamon Glaze are a summertime treat. If you've never grilled fruit make this the summer you try it. Grilling is a good ...

Whipped Cream Filled Crepe with Strawberry Kirsch Sauce

Gluten Free Crepes

Posted on March 22, 2019

Gluten free crepes are not as difficult to make as you might think. That’s what I discovered when I finally made them again after many years. Not only are they easy to make they ...

Wedges of Lemon Kulfi topped with strawberry sauce

Lemon Kulfi with Two Sauces

Posted on February 15, 2019

This Lemon Kulfi is my go-to Indian dessert. Often referred to as traditional Indian ice cream, this dessert is said to be more dense and creamier than...

Nutella Mousse shots topped with a toasted hazelnut.

Nutella Chocolate Mousse

Posted on February 1, 2019

I know more than a few people who absolutely love Nutella Chocolate Hazelnut spread so that's why I used it to make this decadent Nutella Chocolate Mousse. I served it on the d...

White Chocolate Mousse shots with raspberry sauce and a raspberry

White Chocolate Mousse

Posted on December 28, 2018

White Chocolate Mousse topped with just a dot of raspberry sauce and a single raspberry was one of those accidental creations that got rave reviews at a recent birthday party. I...

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie

Posted on November 2, 2018

Nothing says Thanksgiving like pumpkin pie. In Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving in October. For us it is truly fall with warm sunny afternoons, the spectacular colours of autumn...

Glazed Fresh Fruit Pizza

Glazed Fresh Fruit Pizza

Posted on August 23, 2018

Fruit Pizza is an easy year round dessert that everyone loves. The crust is similar to shortbread or a cookie but the filling softens it slightly so it can be easily cut into wedge...

Grilled Peaches right off the grill

Grilled Peaches

Posted on August 17, 2018

There is no easier dessert than grilled peaches. The juiciest ripe peaches, a little oil and a grill, that's it. Yet the taste of a simple grilled peach is almost magical. They ...

Key Lime Pie in a Jar

Key Lime Pie in a Jar

Posted on March 2, 2018

Why Key Lime Pie? Because this year I'm going to Florida to attend the worlds largest allergy conference. As soon as I knew I was going I checked out the top foods Florida is ...

Quinoa Chocolate Cake with whipped cream and raspberry syrup

Quinoa Chocolate Cake

Posted on February 9, 2018

Have you heard of that Quinoa Chocolate Cake? The one made with cooked quinoa instead of flour. If your family needs a chocolate cake for special celebrations this is...

Pumpkin Date Cake on a pedestal tray garnished with calendula petals.

Pumpkin Date Cake

Posted on September 29, 2017

Pumpkin Date Cake is a recipe I make every fall. I like the idea of cooking things that are in season and fall is pumpkin season. I could keep canned pumpkin in my...

A Rhubarb Strawberry Crisp for Canada Day.

Rhubarb Strawberry Crisp

Posted on June 30, 2017

Rhubarb Strawberry Crisp seems like a fitting choice to celebrate Canada Day. After all growing, finding and sharing rhubarb is a favourite Canadian pastime. Some say it's impossib...

Scoops of Aztec Chocolate Ice Cream with lime glaze.

Aztec Chocolate Ice Cream

Posted on June 16, 2017

Aztec Chocolate Ice Cream is a decadent homemade ice cream with a touch of spice. The flavours of chocolate and cinnamon along with a tiny bite from red chile flakes gives this cre...

Gluten Free Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake

Posted on May 12, 2017

Strawberry Shortcake is a perfect Mother’s Day dessert since strawberries are in season at the same time. You can buy strawberries year round but when they are in season they tas...


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