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February 2, 2016

Gourmet Dinner Club – A Thai Menu

Post by Cinde Little

Thai One ON Dinner Club
Gourmet Dinner Club Menu – Thai One On -photo credit Jim Little

Thai One On in my Gourmet Dinner Club menu from Thailand. Many people love Thai food and much of it is naturally gluten free making this an excellent choice for your next dinner party. The sooner you get planning your dinner with friends the sooner you’ll be eating.

Tantalizing Thai curries showcase the subtle blends of cilantro, chiles, lemongrass, galangal, ginger and lime. Pungent fish sauce is in almost every dish and coconut milk is added to most curries as well as to the fragrant Jasmine rice. Other flavours include ginger, basil, shrimp paste and tamarind.

Thai food is a delicate balance of sweet and sour with the hot and the salty. The dishes are all served together and complement each other in a harmonious layering of flavour upon flavour. Typically diners combine any of the dishes and condiments to achieve the desired taste.

For ideas to organize your own Dinner Club read this post, How To Start a Gourmet Dinner Club. My Thai menu is a starting point, substitute with old favourite recipes but challenge yourself to try something new as well. Choose whatever excites you and create culinary adventure that suits your interest and meets your dietary needs.

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Gourmet Dinner Club – A Thai Menu

Thai Spicy Shrimp Soup

A bowl of homemade Thai Spicy Shrimp Soup.

Pork and Shrimp Lemongrass Skewers served with sweet chile sauce

Pork and Shrimp on Lemongrass Skewers


Yellow Chicken Curry

A bowl of Thai Yellow Chicken Curry garnished with fresh cilantro.
Yellow Chicken Curry -photo credit Jim Little

Pork Vegetable Curry

A wok full of Thai Pork and Vegetable Curry
Thai Pork and Vegetable Curry -photo credit Jim Little

Thai Jasmine Coconut Rice

A bowl heaped full of fragrant Thai Jasmine coconut rice.
Thai Jasmine Coconut Rice -photo credit Jim Little

Cucumber Carrot Salad

Thai Cucumber Carrot Salad
Thai Cucumber Carrot Salad -photo credit Jim Little


Coconut tartlets filled with vanilla whipped cream and topped with candied ginger

Coconut tartlets
Coconut Tartlets filled with vanilla-whipped cream and topped with slivered, crystallized ginger -photo credit Jim Little

As they say in Thailand…Gan gin gan yu – as you eat, so you are.

In each recipe description I share tips on using or buying the ingredients. When I host a cooking class I like to give participants a handout with an overview of the common ingredients for that cuisine. To me part of the fun of a Gourmet Dinner Club is discovering ingredients you are not familiar with or challenging yourself to try techniques you have never tried before. Below is my Intro to Thai Ingredients handout.

In my ladies Gourmet Dinner Club we have learned many traditions and customs from cuisines around the world but when it is time for menu planning the host gets to do exactly what they want.

Please let me know in the comments below what you made for your Thai menu and if you found this ingredient list helpful.


For more information on the ingredients check out this post titled, An Introduction to Thai Ingredients.

A Travel Tale – Thailand

From time to time I write a travel post for my friend Sue over at Travel Tales of Life. This is the one I wrote about our trip to Thailand many years ago and my recipe for Thai Red Shrimp Curry.

Thai Red Shrimp Curry

How To Start a Gourmet Dinner Club


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