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September 16, 2016

Gluten Free Asian Pantry

Post by Cinde Little

Whether you know it or not you have a gluten free Asian pantry. It may only contain gluten free soy sauce but that is how it all starts. You create a system to purchase and replace the necessary staples you want to have on hand for everyday cooking. Whether you have an app on your phone or a notepad in your kitchen you just need a system that makes sense to you.

Some starter ingredients for a Gluten Free Asian Pantry.
Gluten Free Asian Pantry; Basic Chinese – photo credit Jim Little

Guidelines For Stocking A Pantry

  • Know what you have in your fridge, freezer and cupboards.
  • Store these items in a way that works for your style of cooking and frequency of use.
  • Restock items before you run out.

A well-stocked pantry is the key to cooking a variety of delicious homemade meals day after day. Just a few minutes of planning will pay off every time you cook and shop. Whether you are whipping up a quick dinner or planning something more adventurous a well-stocked pantry makes life in the kitchen more enjoyable.

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Throughout this website I have written about many gluten free Asian ingredients. I have also posted recipes for sauces I make that I cannot find at the store. Now it feels like it is time to put that information together in a more useful format, a simple list of ingredients. These are items you may want in your Asian pantry.

I provided a link to the actual product I use where possible. Following that I’ve included links to my recipes to show you how I use each ingredient. If you follow that link the recipe description  often has helpful  information about the specific ingredient.

This is just a beginning. Asia is a big continent with a lot of countries and each cuisine is created by the unique combination of ingredients and the techniques in which they use them. I have four lists grouping the ingredients as basic Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese, Japanese and then Indonesian.

Gluten Free Asian Pantry – Basic Chinese

A gluten free Asian Pantry with items for cooking Vietnamese, Thai and Indonesian
Gluten Free Asian Pantry – Vietnamese/Thai/Indonesian -photo credit Jim Little

Gluten Free Asian Pantry – Thai and Vietnamese

Gluten Free Asian Pantry – Japanese

Gluten Free Asian Pantry – Indonesian

Whether it is the first time you’ve thought about your Asian pantry or you have some basics and want to expand, I hope you find this helpful. Let me know in the comments below what you keep in your Asian pantry or if you have a clever way of ensuring your pantry is well stocked.



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